Which American Ski Resorts Have the Shortest Airport Transfers

There are so many places to ski around the world, each with their own pros & cons. Here we focus on the american ski resorts and travel times. You may be travelling domestically or internationally, but no matter where you’re coming from, staying near an airport shortens your overall travel time. So it maybe a quick hop from an american city or an international flight from the UK, Australia, New Zealand or South America, but it’s always convenient to have just a short transfer to the ski slopes to get you on the snow more quickly.

Many ski resorts in the USA are near regional airports allowing you to fly close to where you’re staying and skiing.

Aspen & Snowmass ski resorts have the shortest transfer times. You can fly directly into Aspen Pitkin airport right in the mountains from many cities around the US, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston & Chicago. From there it’s a very short 10-15 minutes drive or airport transfer to Aspen town, where Aspen Mountain (Ajax) is located and where the famous town of Aspen with its many shops, bars, restaurants & nightlife hums with activity. Snowmass is also only about 15 mins transfer from Aspen airport. Snowmass is the largest of the 4 Aspen mountains and where most of the ski in, ski out lodging is. Often airport transfers from Aspen Pitkin are included with an accommodation booking, making it super easy to get to your ski lodge quickly & conveniently.

Eagle Vail airport is another example of a regional airport near several ski towns. Beaver Creek si the nearest about 25 mins from Eagle Vail and Vail itself is about 40 mins from there. Beaver Creek is a hidden treasure of a resort and because most day visitors come from Denver, many of them stop at Vail and don’t go on the extra 10-15 mins to get to Beaver Creek. If you fly into Eagle Vail, Beaver Creek is the first ski area you get to and with less people is one to try. Vail ski resort is of course famous for having the largest amount of terrain in Colorado with its incredible back bowls, especially fabulous on a powder day, plus its front side groomed runs for more intermediate skiers & snowboarders.

Now Jackson Hole airport is close to its namesake ski resort of Jackson Hole, just 30 mins away by car or shuttle airport transfer. Jackson Hole ski resort is located in Teton Village and is well-known for its expert runs including “Corbet’s Couloir”. However lesser known is the number of blue, intermediate runs it possesses and every lift (except the tram) has access to at least one blue run, to give you some peace-of-mind. Guests who fly into Jackson Hole airport can also access the nearby ski areas of Snow King and Grand Targhee.

Salt Lake City is an international airport with daily flights from Paris & Amsterdam as well as many US cities including Los Angeles & San Francisco, particularly helpful for our Australian clients. From Salt Lake it’s a super quick 35 mins transfer to Park City ski resort, now the largest in the USA. Since Park City & Canyons ski areas were connected by the Quicksilver gondola, this ski area now just called Park City Mountain is huge and offers endless skiing & snowboarding opportunities even for people who are staying for two weeks or more.

Also nearby is Deer Valley Resort, just 45 mins from Salt Lake City airport. This ski only resort is named the number one ski resort in North America by ski magazine year after year and has a plethora of luxury ski in, ski out lodging. The short transfer makes Park City & Deer Valley ski resorts convenient choices, especially with the Town of Park City less than 5 mins away for your to enjoy with its historic Main Street, shops, bars & restaurants.

Salt Lake City also allows access to other Utah ski resorts including Brighton, Alta, Snowbird & more.

Denver International airport is home to at least 2 direct flights from London, wonderful for UK skiers who want to experience the delights of the powder skiing in America. British Airways & Norweigan Air both currently offer direct flights during ski season, with United flights being added towards the end of March / April for Easter. With this direct flight, it’s then easy to hop straight on a shuttle up to one of the Colorado resorts. Breckenridge & Winter Park are approximately 2 hours drive away or sometimes less, depending on snow conditions. Alternatively Vail & Beaver Creek are just over an hour away. Aspen & Steamboat can also be accessed from Denver, but a bit further around 4 hours transfer, so the regional airports can be more convenient.

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Facial Feminisation: The Total Package

Feminine features are distinct; they are more elegant, delicate and have a gentler appearance.

Naturally, you will be able to recognise ‘male’ or ‘female’ facial features, regardless of a person’s gender preference. However, for some, these defining aspects do not align with their gender.

What is facial feminisation?
Facial feminisation, or facial masculinisation surgery at the Plastic Surgery Clinic can help you to feel like your outer reality reflects your true inner self. The term refers to a combination of maxillofacial and plastic surgery techniques designed for facial gender confirmation and facial harmonisation.

Facial feminisation surgery has become increasingly sought after by transgender women. However, while many of our patients are transgender, we do also perform similar techniques on women who are simply self-conscious of their facial features, which they may feel appear more masculine.

Facial feminisation procedures
Although procedures needed to achieve an individual’s goals are at the discretion of a patient and their doctor, common alterations include the forehead, cheeks, nose, lips, eyes and jaw. Dr Chaithan Reddy and his team work closely with each patient’s existing features to ensure a natural and harmonious result.

Facial feminisation can combine both surgical and non-surgical procedures performed over time, including:

Facial implants
Hairline lowering
Eyebrow lifts
Lip lifts
Chin reduction
Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job has been used for many years to shape, refine and sculpt the nose. As part of facial feminisation, this surgical procedure can restructure the bridge of the nose to create a more classically feminine shape and size. Dr Reddy takes the utmost care in balancing the features for a natural result. During your consultation, he’ll advise you on the shape which is best suited for your facial structure and desired result.

A rhinoplasty can either be an open (where your nose is opened during surgery) or closed procedure depending on your surgical desires. The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic for both the comfort of the patient and the precision of the surgeon.

Facial implants
Facial implants noticeably change the contour of the face and can be used to create a smoother and softer, yet well-defined feminine face.

When performed by a skilled surgeon, implants can be used to alter the shape of the jaw, chin and cheek bones to create the basis of a feminine face.

Hairline lowering
A broad and long forehead can be a masculine trait, or the result of a receding hairline. Both can be altered through a hairline lowering procedure, which shapes and shortens the forehead, giving the face a less severe or aged appearance.

Hairline lowering can be performed in one procedure, offering a reduced recovery time and single incision.

Usually performed as part of a facial rejuvenation, hairline lowering can be performed in conjunction with an eyebrow lift through a single incision.

Eyebrow lift
The placement and shape of the eyebrows is an identifying trait for gender. Women tend to have higher more arched brows than men, while men have lower, heavier, and more prominent brows.

An eyebrow lift can complete the feminisation of the upper face; framing the eyes gracefully. An eyebrow lift in conjunction with hairline lowering can result in a shorter more feminine forehead.

Lip lift
A lip lift is a procedure which will not only shorten the space between your nose and your top lip but also turn your top lip slightly, giving it a more noticeable curve.

Lip lifts are also used in some facial rejuvenations; they correct the drooping of the top lip that can sometimes come with age.

Chin reduction
Chin reduction surgery, also referred to as sliding genioplasty is designed to moderately reshape the bone and other structural tissues to create a more balanced facial contour.

This procedure is suitable for patients who find that their chin is too prominent and large, which is considered a more masculine feature. As part of facial feminisation surgery, this procedure can be used to refine facial definition and achieve a more delicate and feminine shape.

What to expect during your consultation
The process of facial feminisation begins with an in-depth, detailed consultation with Dr Reddy. During this private consultation, Dr Reddy will assess your concerns and will discuss your goals, and what is medically possible.

Dr Reddy prides himself on tailoring his techniques to each patient’s unique facial features, achieving the best possible and most natural looking result. He places a strong emphasis on short scar techniques and the importance of a tailored post-operative treatment plan to optimise your results.

Non-surgical Feminisation
The Plastic Surgery Clinic and Medispa also offers a range of non-surgical injectable and dermal fillers, which can be used to enhance features as well as conceal wrinkles and creases.

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